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30 jun. 2014

What happened to fashion?

Wha the hell happened to the world of fashion? I really think about it. A lot. I wonder why does this happen. It looks like since Mugler became crazy with the silicone issue anybody had the pear to do something daring. Except for Rabanne and McQueen, fashion has become pretty boring and typical. 

I understand that brands like Dolce & Gabanna or Tommy Hilfigher are more classical but they can't all be classical. I see even the most risky brands don't do anything new. Nothing like in the period 1990-2010. I include 2010 because of McQueen.

I only have faith in some designers like Jeremy Scott or Juun J. These two men are quite creative and innovating. In any case Scott is a little sticky and childy for me, and is a little repetitive but at least he does interesting things, he risks and plays with the creation of a collection. Now a days even the most haute couture collections are quite prêt à porter

I still want to see a good collection, where models don't just walk on the runway, but perform and where the dresses interact with their bodies and the public.

This is from Mugler 1997's collection. He used the world of insects and animals. Like flies, birds and beetles.

20 jun. 2014


Fashion Film Fever
Everyone has gone mad for this new way of connection with the customer. Next October/November a Fashion Film Festival will be celebrated in Madrid and this finally demonstrates fashion film has become an important communication tool. But what is a fashion film? What's it about? What is it for? Why does everybody like it? Well, I'm gonna try answer these questions.

A FF is a short video, not longer than 5 minutes normally, where basically a collection or maybe just a few items are shown to the client, but with an artistic background that envelopes the whole thing. The new thing here is the artistic part. It is fashion, but its kind of a film too. They are using now image to its extreme, exploding every little detail they can. It's all about the Internet. We're all so crazy for catching people's attention on the Internet, as it is growing and everyone has access to it. The market is way bigger, and the competition is too.

As it happened to the rest of markets in the world, the need of highlighting the product above the rest has become harder but easier at the same time. You have 3 minutes. Make the viewer worth to spend that time on you. You need to get it's attention, and make it remember your product and understand the message. And answering to the question of why does everybody like it? Easy, 'cause it's arty and cool and funny to see. The idea is that when you see it you get a little shock, as we usually do with a new collection or a new song...

I'm just putting some links 'cause the fucking platform this of Google does not let me link anything from vimeo, only YouTube. Then You Google can go fok YouRself.

This one's about The Madrid Fashion Film Festival

Here Vuitton 

Here i-D, (I fucking love them)